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Hacketts Lake 2016 News Update

Hovercraft Race Events and the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain welcomes you to Hacketts Lake 2016.



Children and pets are all welcome, but do keep the kids on a lead. :-)


Your chance to meet  all the drivers during paddock open sessions between sets of racing on Saturday ,Sunday or  Monday, including champions from all the formulas who will be pleased to show you their craft and explain a little about how they work.


Come along and watch the amazing spectacle of the greatest drivers in the world pit their skills and daring against each other with hair raising speeds of up to 80MPH!


There will be thrills and spills as the daredevil drivers push their craft to the limit.


For the public the views will be great with almost all of the circuit visible from the two main viewing areas. Especially good is the exit into the wall of death off the water where the craft have to decelerate from around 50mph into a 180 banked turn and the public view is right on top of this on the edge of the bank wall. Other special points are the transitions from land to water with big jumps as the craft “take air” and in flight become unstable before hopefully landing on the water sections beyond.


There will be food and drink stalls as well as welfare facilities all day each day. You can bring your own food and drink if you prefer –why not have a picnic on the grass, bring chairs or blankets and make yourselves comfortable.


Racing proper starts at around 12.30 Saturday, 11.30 Sunday and Monday with practice sessions running earlier. There are 2 sets of racing for all the 7 classes of craft, so you can see 16 races, each race taking about 10 minutes to run with a little time to set up the grid for the next race each time.


Remember – motor racing is a dangerous sport. Please listen to the course marshals and safety team. Be safe and enjoy a very special day out.

The weather is going to be really great so don’t forget your sunscreen!


See you there!



You can download the course map here. (Adobe PDF)

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